Alfloc™ 3477

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Alfloc™ 3477

Alfloc 3477 is a new technology, non-glycol heavy-duty radiator inhibitor concentrate. It is designed to provide superior cooling system protection for all petrol, diesel & gas engines where an anti-freeze anti-boil product is not specified in most applications. It maximises the period between coolant changeouts. Alfloc 3477 provides maximum protection for all metals commonly found in cooling systems, including aluminium radiators where glycol is not required. Its unique inhibitor package is suitable for mixed metal protection, providing superior cavitation & liner pitting protection, excellent protection against scaling, rust & residual build-up. Alfloc 3477 is environmentally friendlier & biodegradable.

Packaged: 17kg

Physical Properties Typical
Form Liquid
Colour Dark green
Specific Gravity (@ 20°C) 1.05 – 1.08
pH (100%) 9.0 – 9.7
Solubility Complete

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