Brick Cleaner CAL – X

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Brick Cleaner CAL – X

Brick Cleaner CAL-X is a proprietary formulation designed to efficiently remove mortar smudges and calcium stains on clay brickwork. It DOES NOT contain hydrofluoric acid.

Calcium stains appear as a white film on clay brickwork. These deposits are invisible when wet but are highly insoluble unlike efflorescence which is water soluble. Main cause of these deposits is due to poor cleaning practice. The mortar, made with sand containing too much clay, is allowed to remain too long on the surface of the brick and then cleaned with too much acid and/or too little water. When insufficient amount of water is used before and after the acid wash, the resulting products from the acid-mortar reaction are not washed off the bricks and can then be absorbed into the face of the bricks.

Packaged: 20L

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