Brick Cleaner MAN-X

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Brick Cleaner MAN-X

Brick Cleaner MAN-X is a proprietary formulation designed to safely and efficiently remove metal stains, especially manganese efflorescence, on brick and mortar surfaces.

Manganese stains show as brown or tan discolouration on bricks that have had manganese added to clay bricks during its production to darken the colour. These stains characteristically occur along the edges of the brick and in severe cases the stain shows across the face of the brick. Manganese stains on brick masonry usually occurs when an unbuffered acid is used to clean the bricks, an incorrect cleaning agent is applied, or the cleaning agent manufacturer’s instructions are not followed. Manganese stains consists of compounds that are not water soluble but acid soluble. The leaching of manganese and iron can also etch the surface of the brick and damage mortar joints. Exposure to environmental factors, like acid rain, may also lead to stains and damage.

Packaged: 20L

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