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Citric Acid Solution 30% & 50%

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Citric acid is a weak organic acid that is often preferred for pH control in the food industry, especially in spin chillers in poultry plants. It is also commonly used as a preservative, buffering agent & food additive.
It is used as a cleaning solution for reverse osmosis (RO) & other membrane filters in water treatment & wastewater treatment. It is also acts as a chelating agent & used to remove lime scale.

Available as citric acid monohydrate (Food Grade) and citric acid anhydrous CLICK HERE

Available as 10% solution

: 20L & 1000L


Properties Typical Typical Typical Unit
Citric Acid 10 30 50 %
Specific Gravity 1.03 1.13 1.24
Odour None None None
Iron 20 max 20 max 20 max ppm
Heavy Metals 4 max 4 max 4 max ppm

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