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Nitric Acid

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Nitric acid is also known as Aqua Fortis, Engraver’s Acid and Azotic Acid, is a clear liquid, highly corrosive mineral acid. It is used in the manufacture of inorganic and organic nitrates, fertilisers, dye intermediates, explosives and many organic chemicals. Nitric acid’s oxidising/reducing properties are used in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications.

It is widely used in metallurgical applications to make Aqua Regia, a combination of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, in gold refining, recovery and extraction processes. It is also used in combination with phosphoric acid to remove efflorescence from brickworks and masonry. This has also been used for cleaning food and dairy equipment of calcium and magnesium deposits.

Its main use is in the production of ammonium nitrate for fertilisers and making explosives like nitroglycerin and TNT. It is also used in passivation treatment of steel surfaces to remove free iron contaminants. It is incorporated in pickling solutions to remove rust, scale and other inorganic impurities from ferrous metals and copper and aluminium alloys. It is also widely used in the electroplating industry to strip nickel and chrome.

Packaging: 15L & 200L

Description Typical Unit
Appearance Clear
Nitric Acid, HNO3 Min 68.0 %
Nitrous Acid, HNO2 Max 0.01 %
Fe Max 4 ppm
Cl Max 0.1 ppm
SO4 Max 0.5 ppm
Arsenic Max 3 ppm
Residue Max 0.01 %
Specific Gravity @20°C 1.414

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