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Potassium Peroxymonosulphate

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Potassium peroxymonosulphate, also known as potassium monopersulphate (PMPS), is a granular, free-flowing perxygen that provides effective non-chlorine oxidation of organic contaminants. It has a similar oxidation potential as chlorine but does not form chloramines during the oxidation process.
It is widely used in the swimming pool and spa market as a non-chlorine-based shock treatment, leaving the chlorine or bromine sanitisers present in the water for sanitising the water. As no additional chlorine or bromine is added, the pool or spa is available for use as soon as the oxidation process is completed which is a much shorter period compared to a chlorine-based shock treatment.
It has wide industrial applications. In electronics, it is used as a microetchant for cleaning and preparing copper printed circuit boards (PCB). It used in the metal plating and mining industry to oxidise cyanides in the waste streams. Textile industry uses it in wool shrink-proofing treatments. The pulp and paper industry uses it as a wet-strength paper repulping and recycled fibre additive. PMPS is also used as a bleach component in denture cleaners and many laundry formulations and as an activator in antimicrobial compositions.

Packaging: 25kg bags.

Properties Typical Unit
Appearance White crystalline solid
Active Oxygen 4.5 min %
Moisture 0.5 max %
Potassium Peroxymonosulphate (KHSO5) ~ 45.0 %
Peroxodisulphate ~ 1.8 %
Iron ~ 3 mg/kg
Bulk Density ~ 1100 g/L
Solubility (H2O @ 20°C) ~ 250 g/L
pH (1% solution in water) ~2.3

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