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SEGBOX Type II Segregation Device

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  1. Product information:

The SEGBOX is an approved purpose-built Type II segregation device for containing and segregating incompatible dangerous goods for transportation or storage in close proximity to other chemicals. This Western Australian designed SEGBOX complies with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for segregation of Packing Group II and III chemicals. It can also be used to transport and/or isolate food stuffs, detergents and non-dangerous goods.


Features & Benefits:

  •  Accommodates standard Australian pallet and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
  •  Ample clearance for 200L drums
  •  Four-way forklift access
  •  Designed for easy handling when laden
  •  Stackable design
  •  Recessed closure in door with easy reach handle
  •  High load capacity
  •  All steel construction, high impact tolerance, approved drop test design
  •  Designed to fit back-to-back on a standard two pallet wide truck (with or without gates)


Available in 2 models

Model Width Depth Height Tare Nett Gross
W005 (Red) 1300 mm 1235 mm 1300 mm 250 kg 1400 kg 1550 kg
W007 (Yellow) 1300 mm 1235 mm 1525 mm 350 kg 2000 kg 2350 kg

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