Ultrion 44697

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Ultrion 44697

A proprietary liquid cationic coagulant blend for use in potable water treatment applications

Approved for addition to drinking water by the Department of Health in Western Australia.?????

ULTRION 44697 can eliminate the need for alum and other inorganic chemical treatments; reduce or eliminate the need for pH adjustment; form a compact, easily dewatered sludge; and function over a pH range of 5-10.

ULTRION 44697 is resistant to chlorine and can be used in pre-chlorinated water without a reduction in activity. Its principal uses are in primary and secondary clarification, municipal and industrial raw water clarification, lime softening, heavy metal removal and oil emulsions.

Packaged: 15L & 200L drums

Physical Properties Typical
Form Liquid
Colour Colourless to light yellow
Odour Slight
Specific Gravity (@ 22°C) 1.18
pH (100%) 3.4
Viscosity (@ 25°C) 266 cps
Solubility Complete

Ultrion 44697 dosage is highly dependent upon the application and system. Jar tests are necessary to determine the optimum dosage

Packaging: 18L & 228kg

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