Ultrion 8187

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Ultrion 8187

A proprietary blend of high actives, low molecular weight liquid cationic coagulant designed for potable water treatment applications. It can eliminate the need for alum and other inorganic chemical treatments; reduce or eliminate the need for pH adjustment; form a compact, easily dewatered sludge; and function over a pH range of 5-10. Compared with alum, Ultrion 8187 generally requires short stirring and settling rates

It is resistant to chlorine and can be used in pre-chlorinated water without a reduction in activity. Its principal uses are in primary and secondary clarification, municipal and industrial raw water clarification, lime softening, heavy metal removal and oil emulsions.

Packaged: 18kg & 240kg drums

Physical Properties Typical
Form Liquid
Colour Colourless
Odour None
Specific Gravity (@ 25°C) 1.34
pH (100%) 3.5
Viscosity (@23.3°C) 16 cps
Freezing Point -5°C
VOC Content 0.00%
Solubility Complete

Ultrion 8187 dosage is highly dependent upon the application and system. Jar tests are necessary to determine the optimum dosage. Maximum product application dosage is 180 mg/L.

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