Trasar™ TRAC 102

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Trasar™ TRAC 102

Trasar TRAC 102 is a traced, corrosion inhibitor blend that protects all metals found in closed, recirculating system. A built-in pH buffer adjusts system water pH to the optimum range & minimise corrosion. An indicator dye makes leaks easy to detect. Trasar TRAC 102 is compatible with uninhibited antifreezes & has no adverse effect on gaskets, pump seal & other non-metallic components.

Packaged: 16kg

Physical Properties Typical
Form Liquid
Colour Clear dark red
Odour Slight organic
Specific Gravity (@ 25°C) 1.12 – 1.16
pH (100%) 11.1 – 11.8
Viscosity (@16°C) 48 cp
Solubility Complete

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