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LaMotte® WaterLink® Spin Touch® BC Photometer

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The innovative WaterLink® Spin Touch® BC photometer does all your boiling and cooling water testing for you. Each sealed SpinDisk™ Reagent Cartridge contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run a complete series of tests. Just fill one unique SpinDisk™ Reagent Cartridge with less than 3 mL of water and all your vital tests are done automatically—in just 1 minute! It’s the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. The patented Centrifugal Fluidics Reagent Disk is designed to analyse 11 or 3 parameters simultaneously. Now analysts can achieve precision without time consuming test and clean-up procedures. This ground-breaking analysis system is so simple anyone can use it!
No vials to fill, no prep time, no guessing!



11 Tests in 60 Seconds!

Disk Series BC803

  • Free Chlorine (DPD): 0-15 ppm
  • Total Chlorine (DPD): 0-15 ppm
  • Bromine (DPD): 0-33 ppm
  • Combined Chlorine: 0-15 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 0-800 ppm
  • Total Hardness: 0-1200 ppm
  • Total Alkalinity: 0-250 ppm
  • Copper: 0-3.0 ppm
  • Iron, Total: 0-6 ppm
  • Phosphate: 0-50 ppm
  • Silica/Silicon Dioxide: 0-100 ppm

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