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EcoCare Activator

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Total wastewater treatment solution

Non-toxic industrial strength. Complete solution for the interrelated issues of waste management, odour control and cleaning. Formulated for on-site systems, trenches, drains, sewers and effluent ponds. Choose between Natural or refreshing Citrus Fresh fragrance.

EcoCare Activator is a scientifically developed blend of natural ingredients, grease dispersants and biological stimulants that kills odours on contact, cuts through grime, breaks down fat and grease, restores and maintains a healthy bacterial balance in your septic system. Unlike most additives, EcoCare Activator does not contain any bacteria or enzymes. Instead, it provides micro and macro nutrients that promote the growth of healthy bacteria that produce the enzymes needed for waste breakdown. Creating the best conditions for these processes to take place provides a longer-term benefit than just adding bacteria or enzymes.

Packaged: 20L & 200L

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