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EcoCare Culture GF

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Bacterial supplement to remove fats, oil and grease in wastewater systems

Specially formulated to digest any fat, oil and grease build up and restore the natural biological settings necessary to improve system performance, odour control and waste breakdown in new and failing systems.

EcoCare Culture GF introduces a blend of selective fat and grease digesting bacteria which rapidly multiply and eat away at the fattty deposits in the waste system without any chemicals added. This will keep your drain lines and pipes clear and odourless, preventing blockages further down the pipelines and aiding the performance of your grease trap or downstream waste treatment system. The effectiveness of biological remediation depends on having a balanced population of waste degrading micro-organisms, both in numbers and type, present in the wastewater environment. Most wastewater treatment systems are able to generate their own specific biota which is efficient at breaking down incoming waste. However, there are many factors that can affect the health of indigenous micro-organisms, and therefore result in a poor quality effluent which does not meet standards. In systems where this is the case, bio augmentation techniques are effective at restoring impoverished micro-organism diversity and also compensate for system irregularities such as toxic shock. For these reasons we recommend the use of non-toxic and biodegradable EcoCare Culture GF.

Packaged: 20L & 200L

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