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Nalcool 2000

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Nalcool 2000

Nalcool 2000 is a multifunctional, nitrite-based chemical treatment used for the control of corrosion in closed cooling systems & chilled water systems. It is a liquid formulation containing a combination of ferrous & non-ferrous corrosion inhibitors, a non-carbonate buffer, scale inhibitors, dispersants & a leak detection dye.

Packaged: 16kg

Physical Properties Typical
Form Liquid
Colour Clear to hazy, deep red
Odour Slight organic
Specific Gravity (@ 15°C) 1.12 – 1.16
pH (100%) 11.1 – 11.8
Solubility Complete
Viscosity (@ 15°C) 48 cp

Nalcool Nitrite Test Kits available.

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