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Calcium Hypochlorite

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Download Safety Data Sheet: Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

Download Safety Data Sheet: Calcium Hypochlorite 

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Some of the major uses of calcium hypochlorite is as a disinfectant for potable water and recreation (swimming pool) water, an algaecide, an oxidising & bleaching agent. It has been used in the treatment of industrial cooling water for slime control of bacteria & algae. It is also effective for odour control & biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) reduction in sewage & wastewater effluents. It has been used for the removal of soluble chemical oxygen demand (COD), phenolic & polyphenolic-like compounds & colours from various industrial wastewater

Properties Typical Unit
Appearance White – light grey, granular
Granular Size (12-50 mesh) 90 min %
Available Chlorine 70.0 min %
Water 7.0 %
Arsenic (As) < 5 g/kg
Barium (Ba) < 5 g/kg
Cadmium (Cd) < 0.5 mg/kg
Chromium (Cr) < 5 mg/kg
Silver (Ag) < 1 mg/kg
Selenium (Se) < 2 mg/kg
Lead (Pb) < 1 mg/kg
Nickel (Ni) < 1 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) < 0.05 mg/kg

Supplied in granular form in 10kg & 40kg.

Calcium hypochlorite is also available in 200g tablet form in 10kg.


Properties Typical Unit
Available Chlorine 65.0 min %
Water 8.0 %
Tablet Mass 200 g
Tablet Diameter 75 mm
Tablet Length 25 mm

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