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Sodium Ferrocyanide

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Sodium ferrocyanide, also known as yellow prussiate of soda, is a water-soluble yellow crystal. It is a chemical stabiliser, known as E535 in the European Union, that is added to food grade and general purpose salt as an anticaking agent to aid in packaging and transport.
When combined with iron it converts into a dark blue pigment which is used as a stabiliser for coating welding rods. Sodium ferrocyanide is used in the petroleum industry to eliminate mercaptans.

Packaged: 10kg & 20kg pails & 25kg bags

Properties Typical Unit
Appearance Faint yellow crystals
Assay 99.0 min %
Ferricyanide Not detected
Moisture 0.3 max %
Cyanide 0.01 max %
Water-Insoluble Substances 0.01 max %
Chloride 0.3 max %

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