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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Available as 50% technical grade.
Hydrogen peroxide is an environmentally friendly oxidant that finds its use in a wide variety of markets. It is used in a wide range of applications in the food industry, paper pulp & recycling, textile, metallurgy, industrial & potable water treatment, wastewater treatment markets.
It will reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) & total organic carbon (TOC) in a wide range of wastewater, either by oxidation or, in biologically active wastewater, decomposing to release oxygen thus enabling aerobic bacteria to function more efficiently.
In the mining industry, it is used as both an oxygen source and as an oxidising agent. In gold & uranium production processes, it is used to concentrate preparation and ore leaching. Hydrogen peroxides have been used in processes to remove all forms of cyanides and transition metals. It is also used in the refinery, oil & gas wastewater treatment to treat for sulphur compounds, like hydrogen sulphide, thiosulphates & mercaptans.
Hydrogen peroxide is also used as a commercial bleach and surface sanitising agent. Ideal for cleaning stains for colour-fast surfaces.

Content Typical Guaranteed Unit
Appearance Clear
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) content Min. 50.0 % w/w
Stability (5h @100 deg C) Min. 98.0
pH Max. 3.5
Phosphate Max. 500 ppm
Nitrate Max. 300 ppm
Tin Max. 100 ppm
Copper Max. 5 ppm
Iron Max. 5 ppm
Heavy metals, as Pb Max. 3 ppm
Residue Max 0.07 % w/w


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