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Sucrose is a non-toxic and non-hazardous carbohydrate that assists in the denitrification process in wastewater treatment plants. Sucrose provides a carbon source that is readily available to the facultative heterotrophic bacteria that biologically reduce nitrate (NO3) to nitrogen gas (N2). The sucrose solution supplied is a very low colour variant designed for optimal operation with UV treatment of treatment plant discharge waters.

Appropriate measures to minimise atmospheric microbial contamination should be taken as Sucrose solution can be subject to microbial deterioration. Storage life depends on storage conditions and cleaning procedures. Exposure to extended periods of cold temperatures could lead to crystallisation.

Supplied as Sucrose 64-67% solution

Packaging: 1000L IBC

Description Typical Unit
Appearance Clear liquid, virtually colourless to pale yellow
Characteristic Free-flowing at room temperature
Density @25°C 1.31 – 1.34 g/mL
pH 6.0 – 8.0
° Brix 67
Colour (Apparent) 760 PtCo
Turbidity 5 NTU


Density and viscosity of sucrose varies with temperature and Brix. The table below gives the densities and viscosities for 67°Brix Sucrose at varying temperatures

Temperature Density (g/L) Viscosity (cP)
0 1338 1355
10 1334 514
20 1329 229
30 1324 115
40 1318 63
50 1312 38
60 1306 24
70 1300 16

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