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Sodium Hypochlorite Products

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Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as liquid chlorine, is a clear, yellow liquid manufactured in Western Australia. It is also referred to as bleach & swimming pool chlorine. It is a disinfectant or sanitising agent, commonly used to sterilise potable water, wastewater & swimming pools. Also used as a bleaching agent and is a strong oxidising agent.

A commercial strength bleach used to remove organic stains, bleach, sanitise surfaces. May assist in removing vanadium stains off bricks

Packaging: 15L, 20L, 175L, 200L, 1000L & bulk 4000L pump-in

Content Typical Unit
Appearance Clear, yellow/green liquid
Available chlorine Min. 12.5 % w/v
Free NaOH 0.1 – 0.8 % w/v
Iron Max. 10 ppm
pH > 11.5
Specific Gravity @ 15°C 1.180 – 1.205
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